5. Prepare your delivery

How do you tell your target about your campaign?

  1. This is how you make sure your target sees your tactics. It will often involve meeting your target in person to explain the problem and what you would like them to do about it. For example, 500 people in your town have signed your petition against air pollution. Now you need to make an appointment with the target (e.g. the mayor) to show him or her the petition. When you meet with your target be polite, as they are more likely to listen that way.
  2. Write down how you will reach your target. If they don’t listen the first time, you can always try another tactic. Here are some other tactics to get your target’s attention.
  • Visit their office in person with 2-4 supporters (again, be polite)
  • Take out an ad with a newspaper/radio station that your target is likely to read/hear
  • Write an opinion piece in a newspaper that your target is likely to read
  • Post to their social media page with a message about your campaign
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