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Staying Safe

Staying safe means looking after yourself and others. As we grow up, the way we think, feel and view the world changes. We are developing our identity, forming new kinds of relationships and trying different things. It’s a time when you feel free, daring and that nothing can hurt you, but there are things that can put you at risk and it’s good to know how to look after yourself.

Peer pressure

Friends are really important but sometimes they can try to make us do things we don’t want to do or know we shouldn't do. If you are uncomfortable in a situation, trust your instincts and leave.

Sexual harassment

Shouting sexual comments or ‘cat calling’ someone is sexual harassment and a type of sexual abuse. Sadly, many girls and women experience this type of abuse daily. It can make them feel scared, angry, and sad. People shouldn’t be made to feel like this and it will only stop if we all stand up to this type of behaviour.

If you’re with a group of friends who are cat calling, it is easier not to say anything, but your silence tells others that cat calling is ok and makes you a ‘bystander’ - someone who watches but does nothing. Don’t be a bystander!

Alcohol and drugs

Many people use alcohol and other drugs for fun or to make them feel good. Drinking when you are young and your brain is still developing can be damaging. Sometimes alcohol and other drugs can make people aggressive, angry, and even violent, especially if they are using lots. It can also lead to poor decisions about sex and relationships. If you’re worried about your - or a friend’s - alcohol or drug use, talk to someone who can help.

Experiencing violence

Seeing or experiencing violence at home or from partners is really upsetting. Everyone has the right to feel safe and should never feel threatened or unsafe, especially in their own home (learn more about the importance of healthy relationships). Young persons with disabilities can be more risk of violent or exploitative relationships so it’s particularly important to take care. If you experience violence of any kind, get help to make sure you and other members of family are safe and to help you deal with the experience. Even during COVID-19 this support is available.

Staying Safe Scenario

Lloyd has been working hard for his exams and is feeling very anxious about how he will do, so he is staying up every night to study. It is hard to concentrate at home as his parents are always arguing and fighting. He tried to stop them before, but his father hit him. Lloyd doesn’t have anyone to talk to about it and he is terrified his father is going to really hurt his mother. Lloyd has started drinking his father’s beers, the alcohol takes his mind off things and helps him relax. He doesn’t do it every day just when he needs to take his mind off things and calm himself down.

What should Lloyd do?

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