Stationary, crayons, watercolor, scissor, paper

Activities at Home

Learn more about the impact of plastics through these at-home activities.

Have a Movie Night

If your data bundle allows, you can watch one of these informative movies on YouTube to learn more about the impact of climate change on the planet. Stream these videos with your friends.

Is this the ocean of the future?

Plastic Pollution

Play a Video Game

Image of Mission 1.5 game

Have your say in Climate Change with Mission 1.5. Play>>

Bottle Cap Mosaic

The caps of plastic bottles come in varieties of colours and sizes. These caps can be used creatively in art and craft activities with your friends.

  1. Find a piece of cardboard
  2. Sketch a design on the cardboard. They can arrange the bottle caps around the sketch and glue them on to the cardboard. You can use the coloured markers to highlight or create details.
  3. Display your artwork proudly

Upcycling Art

Discover your creative side! Collect as much discarded plastic as you can and try to make art or a craft out of it. Can you make a cool collage? A bracelet? Check out these inspiring ideas!

Reusable Totes

Gather your cloth bags and place them with a sign by the front door to remind people to take the bags when shopping. If you don't have a tote bag, you can follow these instructions to make a no-sew cloth bag from old t-shirts.

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