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Would you like to use the Internet of Good Things (IoGT) completely free of data charges? Follow these 3 easy steps :

1) See in the list below if you are in a country where IoGT can be accessed for free! You will need a SIM card from a participating Mobile Operator.

2) Turn WIFI off on your phone. You will need to be on one of our partner mobile network for IoGT to be free to access (see full list below). Always check that a "data free" banner appears on top of your screen to ensure you're not spending data. The data free banner should look like this :

example data free banner

3) If you are in a participating country - a full list is available below -, try clicking on these links :

>>CLICK HERE for Connect SMART > Find useful advice to stay safe on the internet

>>CLICK HERE for Facts For Life > Find Health information for children and mothers

>>CLICK HERE for Early Life Tips > Find activities and tips for babies

By clicking on these links, you will be directed straight to the data free environment and you will be able to browse Internet of Good Things for FREE.

--This below is the list of all countries and participating operators supporting free of data charges access to Internet of Good Things (IoGT)--


Europe and Central Asia

Middle East and North Africa

Asia and Pacific

Latin America and the Caribbean

Thanks to our partners, Internet of Good Things will continue to expand in the next coming months.

Our objective is for everyone in the world to have access to quality information so that we can save lives, protect more children and help communities everywhere. Come back often to see where Internet of Good Things (IoGT) is FREE to access next.

If you know others who could benefit from the information on Internet of Good Things, please share with them and use the social media buttons you will find along articles on the Internet of Good Things.

Want to know more about Internet of Good Things (IoGT)? Read about our mission HERE

Do you have questions about the internet or social media that you’re too embarrassed to ask? Read our Connect Smart content on IoGT


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